FISH ON!!!!!!

Lake Nipigon walleye fishing

Think Big Fish and Lots of Them!

Think Big Fish and Lots of Them!

Think Big Fish and Lots of Them!Think Big Fish and Lots of Them!

As anglers, we never tire of hearing those two little magical words, "Fish On!!"  You will repeat these two words often as guests of Big Fish Ontario. A fishing guide for the past 28 years,  Darrell Splett has explored countless lakes and rivers in Northern Ontario. As a result of an extensive weed out process we now offer the best of the best as far as Trophy Walleye and Trophy Northern Pike are concerned on both Lake Nipigon and Lake Superior.

2019 was my 23rd year guiding on the Little Jackfish River which flows into Lake Nipigon. Without question the numbers of fish and trophy fish landed was the very best of the 23 years. My customers landed numerous Walleyes over 30".
Our Trophy Northern hotspots continue to impress with countless landed over 40". We guide for trophy Gators on both Lake Superior in the Spring and Lake Nipigon mid summer.

Spoil yourself with Fly in Fishing that you can drive to.

Fish on!