FISH ON!!!!!!


I had the privilege to fish with Darrell Splett the last 3 years and I was not only amazed by his ability to keep us on fish, but I was amazed and blessed by his hospitality. He and his wife Susie are all about the guests from start to finish.

The fishing is top notch. I have guided for over 30 years and I would go with Darrell anytime. He’s top tier in the fishing world. 

Thanks Darrell and Susie for so many great adventures and see you soon!

Phil Frasier

Customer Reviews


While I’m usually disappointed with most guides and outfitters, Big Fish Ontario’s Darrell Splett is one unique exception. I’ve booked with Darrell on different fishing venues for the last 15 years and I’m always 100% satisfied and impressed. The adventure always exceeds my expectations. World class.

Besides being totally personable and reliable, he is so enthusiastic about the fishing and wanting his clients (guests) to have an incredible time. And we always do. Unforgettable adventures.

Most outfitters tend to exaggerate about the fishing and their offering but with Darrell’s Big Fish Ontario, the exact opposite is true. He seems to find all the spots and techniques that work almost beyond belief. Big fish and lots of them in a destination that is almost magical - this seems to be the norm on my outings with Darrell.

The Little Jackfish River walleye fishery is an example. 200 nice fish in 200 casts and then took a break to rest my arm. I often dream and day dream about this incredible fishery in such a remarkably unique setting. Bucket list trip for sure – and once there once, nearly impossible not to go back again (and again).

To top it all off, Darrell has one of the most pleasant dispositions I’ve ever encountered, always happy and wanting to please. Never an awkward moment, never a disappointment, always a nice solution to every question, totally helpful and a constant source of useful tips. I’m impressed. What more can I say. 

Brian Randle

Thunder Bay, Ontario fishing enthusiast 

November 5, 2019 



I have fished many fly in lakes in Saskatchewan and Manitoba and had great fishing but the Little Jackfish River on Lake Nipigon are by far the best walleye and northern I've ever had.  I have been there four times and the fishing is always the same...great!  The new houseboat Darrell has on the river is a great place to come back to after a day of fishing.  It's clean and comfortable.  No flying.  You can drive to this place.  It's great.

John Seidel Minneapolis MN


I’ve fished in a lot of places with a lot of people and can fairly say that Darrell Splett is the best guide around. I first met Darrell through a mutual friend about 8 years ago. Before my first trip to fish with Darrell, my friend tried to prepare me for what the fishing was going to be like. We talked about “personal bests” – he boasted numbers, sizes, etc. It was like he was describing Shangri La. “I’ll be the judge of that”, I thought. Then he would try to describe the man. “It’s just different when Darrell’s in the boat – I can’t explain it. It’s as if the fishing Gods have smiled on this guy. He has a sixth sense about finding fish.” 

Well, it was all true, and it keeps getting better year after year. We had a quick trip to the Jackfish River this past September and it was beyond description. The numbers and size class of fish were just phenomenal. The scenery is truly amazing, as well. Darrell perfectly describes it as “fly-in fishing with drive in convenience”. The accommodations on his houseboat are fantastic as well. 

Darrell was simply meant to be a guide. He knows when to step in and help, and when to step back and watch the fun. He has a genuine passion for putting people on fish and then seeing them succeed. 

If you’re looking for a trip of a lifetime, give Darrell Splett at Big Fish Ontario a call. You won’t regret it.

Fish on!

Jim Garrett - Rochester, MN