FISH ON!!!!!!

trophy northern pike on Lake superior

Each year after the Spring Spawn the Big Gators stay in the relatively warm waters of these Bays before scattering into the larger part of the lake. Spring 2019 was very memorable with dozens of Trophy Northern Pike landed. Largest was a 48" whopper.

Normally we land 40-80 fish per day with 5-25 of those over 40".

No need to worry about wind and big waves since we are fishing shallow wind protected bays.


fly fishing

For our fly fishermen  it is difficult to beat the fast action and powerful Northern Pike found in our Lake Superior Spring hotspots. The angler on the right landed five Trophy  Northerns in less than an hour in addition to the 60 that he landing during his trip. We target these beauties in shallow bays which on most days makes casting much easier.