FISH ON!!!!!!

Little Jackfish River

 150-300  walleyes landed each day per boat. These fish average 17-24 inches. As a  bonus they fight harder than most Walleyes due to their time beefing up  against the river currents. If you want a break to eat a snack you  better get your line out of water.
We have fished this river since  1997. Terrific is an understatement. 

Year in and year out anglers set  new personal bests as far as numbers landed and many guests set personal  bests for largest landed as well.
 Big Fish Ontario offers this caliber of Walleye fishing without the restricting weight limits of  fly-ins. We also are not dependent upon weather as far as access to and  from the River. Once at our site, wind and waves are also a non issue  since we are comfortably fishing in a wind protected river.  As anglers  we all know the grass is generally greener farther from camp. With the  Little Jackfish this is simply not true. All of our best fishing is  within one mile of our Houseboat.


Each Season more of our anglers are targeting the huge Trophy Northern Pike in the Jackfish River.  One of our guests landed a 45" beast right from the houseboat. It is very common to land several big Gators over 40" per day.

Fish On!